After years of experience working with Power BI customers, we have developed, selected, and bundled a group of features to make Power BI more functional and facilitate integration processes.  As your support partner, we provide free access to software, libraries, and extensions that add an extra layer of functionality and best practices to your environment.

Redefine the boundaries of your Power BI ecosystem and see how your wish-list of functionalities comes true. Analytics Turbo is a powerful combination of professional support services and top-notch features that extend your Power BI out of the box capabilities to reduce deployment cost, boost development speed, accelerate user adoption, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Take your Power BI environment to a new level by extending the BI functionality from traditionally being a read-only tool, to now being a tool that allows users to create, edit, and delete data. Enable specific users to make data changes to records within their dashboards and save these changes to the source database.

QVD to Power BI Connector is a simple and effective solution for any external applications or processes to use Qlik datasets as data sources. This connector simplifies either the connection or the migration process to integrate Qlik dataset into flat files, database tables, or into Power BI in parallel to your current processes and without any downtime.

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Leverage models that can process data on their own and uncover unexpected findings within Power BI. The analytical accuracy improves with each run as it teaches itself from the datasets it analyzes.  As it sees more data, it gives you better predictions and produces significantly smarter insights.

When refreshing data, historical data doesn’t change. This option automates the process of refreshing a specific time range or data in a specific partition.  Refreshes occur faster and the process is more reliable, only data that has changed needs to be refreshed. Resource consumption is reduced. Less data to refresh reduces the overall consumption of memory and other resources.

Incorporate external data feeds into your analytics processes and get access to insights that your competitors are missing.

Do not risk your processes and stability by overlooking the proper way to back up your work. We do it for you!  Schedule the backup of all your Power BI applications in any workspace.

The PBI Workspace Backup Tool can be used to backup all your Power BI Reports from all your workspaces into a local directory on your server periodically. You will have a backup version of all your reports. Microsoft does not have any security measures introduced to protect each report from not being overwritten or deleted in the same workspace.

Incorporate information trapped on pdf documents and images to your database with superior data security and ensure all your data is being considered in your analytics processes.

Embed stunning, fully interactive reports, and visual analytics into your applications, website, or operation screens. Allow your employees or customers access the data they need to make better decisions. Leverage Power BI embedded and extend the Power BI service.

This is also a convenient tool to distribute information made in Power BI to customers and users who don’t have a Power BI account.